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Policy information (Temecula Location):                             

1. All events must end by 12:00 am with exceptions, depending on what time of the year it is.


2. The client is responsible for all damages incurred to the Serenity Events premises and or property

by the host, his guests, independent contractors or other agents that are under the client’s control.

Additional charges will be billed in case of any loss or damage caused to the bridal suites, reception

areas, ceremony areas and any other Serenity Events property and charged to the credit card on file.

Due to a lack of storage space all personal effects, floral arrangements, cake stands and all other

event decoration must be removed from the premises immediately following your event.


3. One-day event insurance is required for a $1,000,000.00 General Liability policy for any accidents
or damages that may occur. Most Homeowners Insurance providers are able to issue this type of policy
to you. The sooner you set this policy up, the lower the cost. If you don’t have a Homeowners Policy,
Wedsafe can provide this service for you.

4. The client must be responsible for all guests and understand the release of all claims on Serenity

Events, their employees and families.


5. Serenity Events is not responsible for acts of nature on the ranch during or subsequent to any event.


6. Serenity Events is not responsible during or subsequent to any event, for lost items in any of the

private suites or anywhere on the premises. Please assign a member of the party to keep track of things.


7. Children under the age of 12 must be supervised at all times.


8. Decorations are allowed and can be put up 2 hours prior to the event. The client is responsible

for cleaning up ALL decorations brought in. Rice & Birdseed are absolutely NOT allowed.


9. You may purchase additional hours for your event at the rate of $600 per hour. Please be advised

that the additional time does not include DJ, wait staff or bar service. Those services would result

in additional charges.


10. All bar service has to be provided by either Serenity Events or Bar Works, our licensed and

insured beverage caterer. Bar Service included in our package is a five-hour service. No outside

alcohol of any kind may be brought onto Serenity Events property, unless you have chosen a

package that allows this. If you do choose a package that allows you bring your own alcohol,

you must turn it all over to the appointed person from Serenity Events and it can only be served

by our bar staff. If you do not choose a package that allows you to provide your own alcohol

and outside alcohol is brought onto the property, you will forfeit all of your refundable deposit

and your event will be shut- down completely.


11. Serenity Events reserves the right to close the bar at anytime and/or refuse service to anyone

who may be, in the view of Serenity Events, intoxicated, unruly, or under 21 years of age.


12. The bar will be closed 30 minutes prior to the end of the event.


13. All food service must be provided by one of Serenity Events licensed and insured caterers on

our approved list. Additional caterers must be pre-approved, licensed and insured.


Reservation Fee: A non-refundable securing fee of $1,500.00 along with a signed contract will

secure the date, times and conditions of this agreement. The securing fee will be applied to the total

contract amount. A payment of 50% is due 6 months prior to your event and your balance is due

15 days prior to the event. All payments are non-refundable.


Catering Deposit: Deposits will vary depending on the caterer of your choice. This deposit will

be non-refundable and will be due payable, to book that caterer for your date. This deposit will be

applied to your total balance due. If you choose to change to another caterer, an additional deposit

will be required for the new caterer at their going rate.


Extensive Cleanup Deposit: A cleaning deposit of $1000.00 will be required when reservations

are made. This deposit will be refunded in full so long as the facility is found to be in the same condition

it was prior to the event. Any damage to the property will be the responsibility of the client. Any

excessive clean-up will result in additional charges payable by the client. All candles need to be

contained. Damage to anything, as a result of candles not being contained will be the responsibility

of the client. Serenity Events is a smoke-free facility. There are designated smoking areas where

smoking receptacles are provided. The client is responsible for clean-up charges, if any cigar or

cigarette butts are found anywhere besides receptacles. At the beginning & end of every event, a

count will be taken on all items used for table settings, decorations, etc. If there are any items

missing, replacement charges are the responsibility of the client.


Smoking Regulations: There will be a $250 Charge to clean up any cigar / cigarette butts on the



One-Day Event Insurance: A minimum coverage of $1,000,000.00 General Liability, for any

accidents or damages that may occur, is required to be purchased by client. The client is responsible

for all damages on or to the ranch. Proof of this policy must be shown to Serenity Events, 15 days prior

to the event.


Sales Tax & Service Charge: The current sales tax and a 20% service charge are additional.

This service charge is subject to state sales tax. (CA State Board of Equalization Regulation no. 1603)


Reservations: Serenity Events requires a guest minimum of 50 people Monday through Thursday,

excluding holidays, 100 people on Friday and 125 on Saturday & Sundays. Guest minimums are

based on full adult prices. Children and Vendors will not lower guest count minimum below those

shown above. The number of guests attending must be confirmed 15 days prior to the event. This

number will be a guarantee that may not be reduced after that day. In the event that your actual

count does not meet the minimum guarantee, you will be charged for the minimum required. If the

guest count is higher then the confirmed count, the client will be billed accordingly. Reservations

are accepted on a first come basis. The client must be responsible for the guests and sign and

understand the release of all claims on Serenity Events.


Event Hours: Events are 4 hours each and may be scheduled any time between 10 am and 12 am.


Cancellation/Postponement: Deposits my be transferred to another newly scheduled event as

long as Serenity Events is given at least 9 months in advance notice, prior to the change. You will have

one year from the date you cancel or postpone to use your deposit. If you choose not to postpone, but

cancel your event, you will lose 100% of all non-refundable deposits. Event cancellations made

9 months prior will receive 100% refund of all other monies on account. Event cancellations made

less then 9 months in advance will result in the forfeiture of all monies on account. In life many things

arise that are unforeseen or unplanned events such as military deployment, Acts of God or family illness.

 Many things can happen that make it necessary to cancel or postpone your wedding resulting in the

forfeiture of some or all monies on account. To eliminate the worries of such an event, we suggest you

 purchase Wedding Cancellation insurance.


Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, Serenity Events may decide to move

your wedding ceremony and wedding reception to an alternate covered or indoor location to

insure guest comfort & safety. You will be notified as soon as possible, if it is decided to make

any changes to your planned ceremony and reception. Any added services due to last minute

changes because of inclement weather, will result in additional charges.


Pricing: All pricing is subject to change without notice until date is booked. Once you have

booked an event, Serenity Events will honor the package prices at the time of booking. Should

you need to reschedule your date, you will be subject to pricing, packages and policies in place

at the time of rescheduling.


Payments: We accept cash, checks, MasterCard or Visa for any payments made. If payments

are not received within the 10 days of due date, the event will be cancelled and made available

for re-booking. This does not apply to final counts and payments which are due no later then

10 days prior to your event and must be made by cash, credit card, or money order. (If you

choose to use a credit card, there will be a 3% processing fee added to your total)


Wedding Rehearsals: A one-hour rehearsal will be allowed during business hours. If that time

is exceeded, there will be a facility charge of $250 per hour thereafter. Call to schedule your rehearsal

2 months prior to your wedding date in order to minimize any scheduling conflicts. Wedding

rehearsals occur on the Wednesday or Thursday preceding the wedding. It is important that you

and your wedding party arrive on time for your rehearsal. Failure to do so could result in the

shortening or cancellation of your rehearsal due to other scheduled events.


Engagement Portrait: Engagement portrait sessions must be scheduled Monday through Thursday

 during normal business hours.


Privacy: In order to insure privacy for both the client and Serenity Events neighbors, we must

insist that guests and client do not leave the property except when it is time to leave the event. We

cannot allow anyone to wander around the neighborhood. Please respect our neighbors at all times.


Security: Serenity Events will provide security for your event and reserves the right to ask any

guest who acts in an unruly manner or refuses to follow Serenity Oaks Ranch policies, to leave

the premises. Security is not present to police the event, but to ensure client, guests and all staff

are safe. If Security is not included in your package or you are renting the Venue Only, you must

hire the appropriate security for your event. Proof of the security agreement must be submitted to

Serenity Events no later then 15 days prior to the event.


Curfew: All vendors must vacate the property no later then 1 hour after the conclusion of the

event. All guests must vacate the property no later then 30 minutes after the conclusion of the event.


Maximum Capacities: Serenity Events can accommodate a group as large as 250 people. It is

possible to accommodate larger groups, but please talk to management regarding this possibility.


Audio/Video & Technical: If you choose to show a video montage, please check to see what

is necessary to use our equipment. Please provide us with a copy of your video montage at least

15 days prior to your event, so it can be checked for compatibility with our video projection system.


Event Décor: We do not allow Silly String, Glitter, Confetti, Birdseed or rice on premises. Serenity

Events does not allow affixing anything to the walls, floors, ceiling or trees, with nails, tacks staples,

carpet tape or other materials. If you need to affix anything, please get it pre-approved by Serenity

Events Management.


Paperwork: All paperwork should be turned in no later then 30 days prior to your wedding.

This includes the Music Sheet, Rehearsal Itinerary, final Menu selections and anything else you

want done. We need your Assigned Seating Chart no later then at your Rehearsal. When addressing

your invitations, we advise that you show the wedding start time a half-hour before the actual start

time to insure that all of your guests arrive on time. This will assist in starting your ceremony on time.


Menu Choices: Should you choose a served meal with more then one entrée selection, you will

need to list your choices on your response cards and call in the count for each item ten days prior

to your event.


Custom Packages: We do offer custom packages. You can either upgrade or down grade to get

the exact event you envisioned for yourself. Pricing will be adjusted by the choices you make. Don’t

be afraid to ask.